Hamilton Slams Liburd Over Inaction and Failures

Deputy Political Leader - Eugene Hamilton

Deputy Political Leader – Eugene Hamilton

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
December 07, 2009

Deputy Political Leader of the People’s Action Movement (PAM) Eugene Hamilton has slammed Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Eight, the Hon. Cedric Liburd for what he said has been his continued failure to effectively address the issues and concerns of his constituents.

Hamilton stated that the failures of Liburd are inexcusable and urged residents to make the required change so as to create a platform for growth and development.

Hamilton also called on the relevant authorities to investigate reports of non-nationals being offered passports in exchange for votes. “It is evident that a platform of` fear, bribery, discrimination and victimization seem to be the hallmark of Liburd’s failed leadership as he uses these tactics in a desperate attempt to remain in office,” Hamilton said.

He said that Liburd should come clean disclosing any deals or promises that he or persons acting on his behalf may have made to non-nationals in an effort to induce them to vote for him.

“An election should be won on the basis of issues and not promises, bribery or tactics of fear, discrimination and victimization. We continue to see the evidence of the St. Kitts Labour Party whereby they have been applying such a strategy for the past 15 years so as to remain in office. I however called on Minister Liburd to show the residents and citizens of Constituency Eight the level of respect that they deserve and to cease immediately in disrespecting and insulting them with his method of campaign,” Hamilton declared.

Hamilton pointed out that while he remains confident that he had won the seat at the last election, he is prepared and ready for similar tactics that government may want to use. “This time we will not see a repeat of 2004, as what the Labour Party did then will certainly not be tolerated this time around as enough is enough,” Hamilton declared.

He said that he and his party have taken their dissatisfaction with Liburd and the Government to the people, noting that there is a great sense of eagerness for the calling of elections so as to elect a new government. The PAM Deputy Political Leader said that there is a significant urgency for elections as it is evident that St. Kitts and Nevis’s democracy is rapidly failing.

Hamilton said that it is very disgusting to note that after some 14 years, as Liburd was elected in 1995 as the Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Eight, there is still significant evidence of victimization and discrimination of villages and also no significant achievements within the constituency. He said that the allegations being made are very serious regarding persons being promised St. Kitts and Nevis’s passports and his party is aware of persons who are in possession of passports despite them not living in the Federation for the prescribed length of time.

Hamilton stressed that even after revelations were made to the Prime Minister, who is also the Minister of National Security, about these incidences and others, there has not been any action taken. He noted it is evident that PM Douglas refuses to accept that there are irregularities being committed within his Government.

Hamilton also noted that there is an immediate need for Parliament to enact the relevant laws to a Public Procurement Commission so as to ensure transparency and accountability of Government’s spending, adding that under a Lindsay Grant led administration this would be a reality.

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