Grant Warns Of Douglas And Labour Party Tactics

People's Action Movement Candidate - Lindsay Grant

People’s Action Movement Candidate – Lindsay Grant

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
PAM Secretariat
January 08, 2010

“It is here, Dr. Denzil Douglas has finally yielded to you the people to call elections. So let me urge you to go out and vote for change and remember that reelecting the Labour Party will certainly ruin your future,” Grant said while speaking to party supporters at his Green Tree Project meeting minutes after Dr. Denzil Douglas announced at Bakers Corner the date of the general elections.

Grant told supporters to be alert, referring to a statement in which Dr. Douglas said he would mobilize his St Paul’s troupe. “You must be alert to the new tactics of Douglas and his Labour Party and remember that each shadow should be monitored, as he is up to his old tricks,” Grant said.

Grant declared that the many new strategies Douglas and his party have been adopting in an effort to weaken and destroy the People’s Action Movement would not succeed. He thanked his supporters for their unwavering supporter, persistence, determination and will to succeed, stressing that come January 26 the people of St. Kitts and Nevis would wake up to a new dawn with a new administration in place to govern their affairs.

He spoke of instances in which his party had to continuously fight off many who confronted it in the past or during the lead up to this election. PAM, Grant said, had to fight the many atrocities of Denzil Douglas and his Labour Party which victimized and discriminated in all quarters, while increasing the Federation’s national debt to some three billion-odd dollars, increase poverty and allowing crime to have escalated, among others.

Grant however asserted that those who are bent on seeing PAM not enter the Government could in no way stop change from occurring. He stressed that when the party governed from 1980-1995 it had an impeccable record, which resulted in economic and social growth and development. He noted that the Federation continues to move backward rapidly, owing to the current regime’s incompetence and acts of corruption and victimization.

“I say to you our faithful and loyal supporters that we are on the final stretch of this very challenging journey, but be reminded that Denzil Douglas and Labour cannot stop change from happening. And in another couple of weeks it will all be over and we would have seen the back of this man and his regime,” Grant declared to an excited crowd.

Grant said that the people of St. Kitts and Nevis would certainly see through the many lies, half-truths and distortions being peddled by Douglas and his Labour Party. But under a PAM administration there would be rebuilding and developing of the Federation once more.

Grant declared that each supporter should be cognizant of Douglas and his Labour Party’s desperation and be vigilant in everything that they do, so as to ensure their safety and that of their candidate. He added that the failure of Douglas to accede to a debate with him was because of his failure to tell the public the truth that the Labour Party does not have proper and effective projects and programmes to take the Federation out of its economical turmoil while restoring law and order.

“Douglas knows that he cannot defeat us in debates, because our programmes and projects are there for the public to scrutinize as we are confident that when we are elected that there will be a positive turn within St. Kitts and Nevis,” he reiterated.

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