Four Seasons Resort Nevis Gets WHACKED By Hurricane

Four Seasons Resort - Nevis -Hurricane Damage

Four Seasons Resort – Nevis -Hurricane Damage
Photo By Jermaine Morton

Pinney’s Beach
Nevis, West Indies
October 17, 2008

Well it appears as though the Four Seasons Resort was hit again.  This time it was Hurricane Omar that did a number on this Caribbean Resort.  If I am not mistaken this is about the fifth time since opening in 1991?

You knew there was a reason that nobody elese ever built on this stretch of Nevis’ coast!

A friend of mine who was planning on staying at Four Seasons over the Christmas holiday called to say that when they called the resort today, they were told ” we have a tenative date of re-opening on November 01, 2008″.

Yeah, well my friend is no moron, he booked with Nisbet Plantation instead. :)

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