CDB Mission visits Nevis; holds discussions with the NIA

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (August 01, 2006) —  A team from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) left Nevis on Friday July 28, 2006, following what an official of the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) described as fruitful discussions of a number of important projects for the future of Nevis.Mr Ernie Stapleton Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Physical Planning, Natural Resources and the Environment, Communications and Works, Public Utilities and Posts, Agriculture, Lands, Housing, Cooperatives and Fisheries during an interview with the Government Information Service on Friday July 28th said the team headed by Mr Carlson Goff the Director of the Projects Department at the CDB met with a number of heads of departments and permanent secretaries and gave an overview of the status of the Nevis economy.
“We also discussed a number of issues related to ongoing projects and we also had a very interesting discussion on a number of projects as it relates to the future of Nevis”¦ as you know, the CDB recently funded a study with regard to water on Nevis and so we had a fruitful discussion on the number of projects we can get out of that report so we just have to define the scope of work as it relates to the Water Department.
“We also discussed Physical Planning issues and the head of department made presentation as to what type of assistance they would need. We had discussions on Education and training and what the bank has to offer and what also our needs are as it relates to projects on the island of Nevis,” he explained.
According to Mr Stapleton, the CDB had earlier funded a study of water on the island and the NIA was looking to move quickly with a number of projects as it related to water and therefore during the meeting they explored how the CDB could provide immediate intervention as it related to the water sector.
The rehabilitation of several secondary roads, drainage in Charlestown and the Charlestown Market rehabilitation were also discussed at the meeting which Mr Stapleton explained would be approached as a multi project.
“We also discussed a multi project that we are looking at which includes the rehabilitation of a number of secondary roads. Of course you have heard about the Cades Bay to Camps junction road the road from Panco’s Shop to Montpelier to Chicken Stone and a number of small roads. We are looking at the drainage situation in Charlestown, how we can rehabilitate the Charlestown Market and make full use of it; signage and sidewalks.
” These are items once we come up with the scope of works with this multi project then we would be in a position to move ahead with regard to implementation of the project going through the CDB project procedure,” he said.
The CDB Mission while on Nevis also held discussions at the policy level with the Nevis Island Administration Cabinet. The team comprised of persons from the Financing Division, the Chief Country Economist and the Analyst and Operations officer for the CDB.

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