Byron Messia – Dancehall Artist From St. Kitts – Nevis

Dancehall Artist Byron Messia - St Kitts Nevis

Byron Messia – Rising Dancehall Music Star

Originally born in Jamaica, Byron Messia moved to St. Kitts and Nevis when he was just two months old and has lived there ever since. His journey to becoming a Dancehall artist, however, was more influenced by his high school friends than his early roots. They would often play Masicka on their Bluetooth speakers after school, sparking his interest in the genre.

Today, Messia tops Spotify’s ‘Best in New and Current Dancehall’ with his hit single, “Talibans”(#ad). In a recent interview with Dash Radio, the Ztekk Records artist discussed his rapid rise to fame, future ambitions, and the success of his new track, one of the most streamed Dancehall songs this year.

“It’s more of a warning song,” Messia explained to host Maiwand. “It’s not about crime; it’s more like telling someone, ‘If you want, we can get down like how the people in Afghanistan get down.’”

By May 17, just four months after its release, “Talibans” had amassed around 10 million views on YouTube. Less than a week later, that number nearly doubled, reaching 17.5 million views. The track, produced by Ztekk Records and EJ Fya, has captivated audiences worldwide.

Despite Messia referring to “Talibans” as a warning song, it fits the mold of a typical badman anthem. The music video, directed by Ty Lott and Neatz Films, features a cameo from Jamaican starlet Jada Kingdom, referenced in the song’s second verse. The video is filled with guns and even simulates a murder as the track nears its end.

Despite the violent imagery, the song’s catchy beat, well-executed melodies, and timely lyrics have made it Messia’s biggest hit to date. The success has even earned him billboards in the UK.

“This is something I always dreamed of as a kid. I feel like most people around the world are hearing my music now,” Messia said of his growing global recognition.

Interestingly, when asked about where he receives the most support, Jamaica was the fourth country he mentioned, behind St. Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad, Grenada, and Barbados.

Nevertheless, Messia, whose real name is Dylan Byron, continues to strengthen his connections with Jamaica. Recently, he featured in an Instagram live session with Dancehall star Popcaan. Earlier this year, in April, Messia made an appearance at the Wi Fete Soca Party in Sabina Park, joining Valiant on stage alongside Stalk Ashley.

Byron Messia’s rise in the Dancehall scene showcases his talent and the impact of his music, resonating with fans across the Caribbean and beyond.

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