Basseterre Young Pamites Honour the Community’s Heroes

People's Action Movement Hero Awarded

People’s Action Movement Hero Awarded

September 18, 2009

This National Heroes Day, the Young Pamites of East Basseterre continued with diligence to carry out our mission to make significant positive contributions to those in our Community. We chose to mark the holiday by recognizing some of the unsung heroes of the East Basseterre Community.

In the week in which we celebrate our Federation’s 26th Anniversary of Independence, we honoured 26 of our Community’s elders who are no longer mobile or able-bodied, and are now in need of special care. We appreciate and value the heroic strides made by these 26 men and women to make life better in East Basseterre for our generation and for generations to follow. We saw no better way to commemorate National Heroes’ Day than to celebrate these individuals whose contributions to our Community too often go forgotten.

The selection criteria put in place by our Community Outreach Programme Committee were flexible. Some of the individuals selected fathered or mothered large families of their own in circumstances marked by their selflessness and self-sacrifice. Others are biologically childless, yet served as foster mothers or fathers to children in disadvantaged situations. All of them fit one overriding ideal: that of having earned, without seeking it, the love and gratitude of those in our Community to whom they lent a helping hand in formative years. It may be that our donees remain perennially overlooked in the distribution of national accolades. But they are indispensable building blocks of the East Basseterre Community. They are our heroes and this year they know they were not forgotten on this Heroes’ Day.

With delicately home-crafted gift baskets that included both essential and luxury items such as fruits, gourmet crackers, sparkling cider and body products, we visited homes of the elderly across East Basseterre and expressed to them our gratitude and respect for being selfless role models. As we arrived at each home led by our Candidate, Mr. Glenroy Blanchette, we were met with warm embraces and shouts of glee and happiness.

We feel that the overwhelmingly ecstatic reactions and heartfelt words of motivation which we received from our local heroes make all our efforts truly worthwhile. Though we know that money from the Government Treasury is often extracted and used for political purposes, we ourselves have no access to great funds or resources. Our only asset is our sheer determination to help our fellow man and woman. This determination helped us to obtain valuable donations from dozens of our caring fellow citizens and charitable businesses in the Community; and to these generous donors we are truly thankful.

Our 26 visits on National Heroes’ Day have intensified our strong commitment to fully volunteer ourselves to the service of those in the East Basseterre Community and across St. Kitts and Nevis. We only hope that our efforts can inspire others ““ particularly during this Independence Anniversary Week ““ ” to join us in placing “Country above Self” as we strive to bring about meaningful change in our young Federation.

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