Bartender Competition – Nevis Mango Festival

Bartender Competition - Nevis Mango Festival 2023

Bartenders Battle – Nevis Mango Festival

The Nevis Tourism Authority announced the return of the Bartenders (#ad) competition as part of the Nevis Mango Festival taking place from June 30 – July 02. The Authority asked everyone to look out for the schedule of events for the upcoming Mango Festival.

The Tourism Authority advised bartenders to prepare themselves for the competition and be part of this fun event. The Nevis Mango Festival is an event of authentic mango experiences that are equally fun and tasty.

The Festival is held on the island of Nevis in the Caribbean. The Nevis Tourism Authority hosts it and features mango-themed events such as a mango-eating competition, a mango cook-off and a mango bartender contest. There are also tours of local farms, tastings of different varieties of mangoes, and opportunities to purchase fresh mangoes and mango products.

Also, the Nevis Mango Festival is a fantastic way to learn about this delicious fruit known as the king of fruits while enjoying the beautiful island of Nevis. The authorities asked everyone to participate and said, “Join us this summer for our annual Mango Festival hosted at some of the most beautiful sites on the island. We have events ranging from food tastings, mango eating competitions, quizzes, chef masterclass demonstrations, and our wellness and mango 101 zones – there’s a lot to look forward to.”

“We’ve curated a program of authentic experiences, which are equal parts fun and tasty. You don’t want to miss this creative culinary experience,” it added.

While appreciating the king of fruits, the Tourism Authority added, “Why do you need a mango every day? Beyond the sweet, luscious taste of mangoes, they also contain abundant vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that assure optimum health.”

The Festival allows visitors to celebrate the island’s juicy pride and indulge in various mouthwatering treats. It is the summer’s sweetest and most-awaited Festival on the island of Nevis.

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