Visit Nevis For The Mango Festival

Nevis Mango Festival 2022

There Are 44 Types Of Mango On Nevis

The following is from the Nevis Tourism Authority regarding the Mango Festival.

Once home to a vibrant sugar trade, the island of Nevis is now known for generating something even sweeter – mangoes.

Following the shuttering of the last sugar mills (#ad) in the 1930s, this picture-perfect paradise turned its focus to tourism.

Asserting a vigilant approach to development, however, Nevis has remained true to its roots. Here, visitors can savour the essence of barefoot luxury and an authentic island lifestyle, not found elsewhere in the Caribbean.

Numerous festivals take place on Nevis throughout the year; each celebrating the island’s many innate attributes. One of the most popular events is the annual Mango Festival, taking place July 01-03 of this year.

Those not familiar with Nevisian mangoes may wonder why a single fruit has a whole weekend dedicated to it. The answer lies within the 44 different varieties of mangoes produced on this tiny island.

“With so many different types of mangoes grown here, they are an integral part of Nevisian cuisine. Each variety has a slightly different look, taste, and texture, giving our chefs lots of opportunities to be creative.

“We believe the Mango Festival is the perfect way to experience a Caribbean vacation with a distinctively Nevisian flavour,” Mr. Devon Liburd, the interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the Nevis Tourism Authority (NTA) says.

The festival schedule is highlighted by a Mango Eating Contest, Mango Cocktail Competition, Mango Wellness Zone, and an epic culinary challenge featuring notable local chefs as they compete to develop a menu that showcases Nevis mangoes in each course.

Moreover, as the entirety of Nevis can be circumnavigated on a single road in less than an hour’s drive, all events are within easy reach of the island’s fine hotels.

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