Arrival At “New” Nevis Airport

Nevis Airport

 The “New” Nevis Airport

Nevis is not as easy to get to as Florida, but then isn’t that what you’re trying to avoid anyway?  In order to get to Nevis, you first have to get to a larger island, such as St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Maarten or Puerto Rico.  This of course does not apply if you live on one of the Caribbean islands, in which case stop reading this page and go to the beach.  The rest of us envy you!

Many carriers land in St. Kitts, such as American Airlines, LIAT, WINAIR and several charter companies too.  Service is available from many North American, European, and Asian cities.  Just click on the on-line ticket agencies below for great prices. It’s quick and easy too!
Once on St. Kitts the hard part of your travel is over and the fun is just beginning.  Now that you are in St. Kitts airport you will probably have a small wait for your flight to Nevis.  This is the time to visit Tiffany’s Bar and Grill, they have a wide selection of beverages including non-alcoholic.   This is the first place I stop so that I know I am “home”!  Hey….. where’s my Carib beer?

To be honest the “New” Nevis airport is not that new, it opened in 2002.  I just refer to it as new because I had been landing at the “old” airport for over a decade.  I really can’t stand the new airport…way too modern.  The old airport was much faster to get through, more “Caribbean”, and certainly cheaper for eats and drinks.  Now they have TV’s blaring away with CNN and all that kind of rubbish. Progress…..phooey!  Give me the old airport, playing dominoes at “Aunt Millie’s” chicken stand, was a lot more fun.

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