American Airlines Lands 757 In St. Kitts

An American Airlines’ pilot who landed the very first American Airlines 757 at the St. Kitts Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport has said he hopes the service to the islands will be extended.

The chartered flight from Dallas/Fort Worth International took about four-and-a-half hours and was organised by the St. Kitts Marriott Resort and Royal Beach Casino.

The 757 carried 188 passengers, 22 in first class and 166 in economy, according to the government of St Kitts & Nevis. Captain Jim Lamb said his only regret was that he had to “turn around and fly right back”.

American Airlines also runs a scheduled service to Robert L. Bradshaw from Miami, while US Airways operates a nonstop service to the island from Philadelphia and North Carolina.
Hugh Mallalieu, American Airlines St. Kitts manager, said that the 757 was the sort of aircraft the airline hopes to upgrade to a scheduled service to handle demand for the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2007.

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