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Nevis As Seen From The Sea 
Nevis Peak As Seen From The Sea

Nevis! I have been visiting Nevis for more than 15 years now, and while many things have changed , it still is the most beautiful island (in my opinion) in the Caribbean.  Picture going to any other Caribbean island in the 1950’s, before all the commercial development, and you will have an idea what Nevis is like.
In the following posts you will learn many things about Nevis.  From Nevis’ friendly people, local cuisine, charming lodging, unique nightlife, to numerous activities, you will fall in love with Nevis as I did.  Just do me a favor……don’t tell too many people.  I always want Nevis to be the “Queen of The Caribbees”  

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  1. I am a travel agent with YTB and I have 20 people needing 9 rooms in an all inclusive vacation in December. What do you recommend?

  2. We loved our visit to Nevis. Stayed at a villa called black sand cove. It is out of the way, but really close at the same time and was not outrageously priced. Looking forward to coming back.

  3. been to Nevis a copuple of times.. want to come back for a visit. however, can’t afford she-she hotel. curious to know if you can recomend some nice, reasonable villas.?


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