Carnation Tinned Milk Prices Go Up

Carnation Tinned Milk Prices Go Up

To: Local Media


Date: May 30, 2008

Subject: Carnation Large Tin Milk Price Increase


The general public is advised that the retail price of a 410 gram (large) tin of carnation evaporated milk is now $1.95 in the Basseterre area and $2.00 outside of Basseterre.  A case of milk is now $81.29.  This is due to price increases on the international market.

This advisory is from the Department of Consumer Affairs of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Affairs.  Retailers are reminded that it is illegal to sell this milk at higher prices.

The Ministry is giving this advisory in accordance with the Statutory Rules and Orders of 23rd November, 2007 under the Price Control (Amendment) Order made by the Minister, under Section 3 of the Distribution of Price of Goods Act of 1986 (No. 7 of 1968).  Should this law be broken it can result in prosecution, and upon conviction the guilty party can face a penalty of $300 and or three months in prison.

The general public is reminded that the retail price of the large tin of carnation milk should be sold at $1.95 in Basseterre and $2.00 outside Basseterre.  All parties involved are encouraged to take note and act accordingly.  The Ministry of Consumer Affairs can be contacted by calling 467-1550 or 467-1547.

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