Video Conferencing To Jump Start Masters Program

Video Conferencing Equipment

Video Conferencing Classes To Be Available

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
May 14, 2009 (SKNIS)

Locals enrolled in the Masters Degree Programmes of the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) will be the first to use the new video conferencing facility at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC).

Acting CFBC Principal Sonia McPhail told SKNIS that most of the students are currently sitting exams, and as such, there is very little course content delivery taking place at the moment. However, plans are being finalized to make use of the new technology this summer, when degree classes in Business Administration; Public Administration; and specialist classes in Education recommence.

“We hope to resume classes in July,” Mrs. McPhail revealed on this week’s edition of the radio magazine programme Perspectives. “The viability of the programme depended very much on having the video conference center up and running and the registrar at UVI already promised that we will run at least two courses this summer so that the students here can catch up to the rest of the students.”

Principal McPhail added that the start of the new school term in September will also usher in a new period for the CFBC as the video conferencing facility will greatly aid the educational offering of the school.

“We intend to use the facility on a weekly basis. It has an overhead video projector and our lecturers use a lot of power point presentations in their classes so we [intend] to integrate it (the technology) into the life of the college,” the CFBC head stated, adding that linkages with other international institutions were being explored.

CFB student Yannick Mills said he was excited to see the new feature included in classes.

“The current global economic and financial crisis has made it difficult for some students to leave home, and the video conferencing will help to ensure persons here can access the same quality education as persons attending UVI or other colleges,” he noted. The young medicine student further stated that the networking opportunities were important for the institution as it moves towards being a full-fledged college.

Fellow student Annivea Hutchinson disclosed her pride with the continued growth of the college and thanked the Board for meeting the commitment to expand the services and course content of the school.

Cabinet visited the CFBC last September, and at that time Minister of State for Education and Technology Honourable Nigel Carty explained that “We (Government) are planning to use technology as one of the ways to catalyze learning and to interest students to a greater degree to be able to use hands on experiences to provide learning.”

Details of the synergies between education and technology are outlined in the National Information and Communication Technology Strategic Plan which was adopted in November 2006.

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