The Nevis Cricket Association to honor Mr. Elquemedo Tonito Willett

Nevis Cricket Association Receives Check

Nevis Cricket Association Receives Check

On March 1st, 2023, the Nevis Ministry of Sports presented the Nevis Cricket Association with a $50,000 cheque to assist in hosting a gala honoring Elquemedo Tonito Willett, an outstanding cricketer who made history on the island. Minister of Sports Hon. Troy Liburd presented the cheque to the association’s president Mr. Carlisle Powell during a ceremony held at the Elquemedo T. Willett Park in Charlestown.

Minister Liburd expressed his pleasure in partnering with the association to honor Willett, who shattered the proverbial glass ceiling for small island players and players from within the Leeward Islands. Willett forced his way into a team that was dominated by players from larger islands, setting the path for great players from the Leeward Islands who followed. Minister Liburd noted that Willett was the first and the pioneer in breaking through barriers and all Nevisians should be proud of his accomplishments.

Mr. Powell expressed gratitude for the NIA’s partnership in honoring Mr. Willett. He announced that Mr. Livingston Sargeant and Mr. Alford Howell, the two people who were batting when Willett first played in 1969 in Antigua, have confirmed their attendance and will be present at the gala. He also confirmed the attendance of Mr. Morton, known as “Jig,” who was a youngster in that 1969 team. The association intends to have a good time and is grateful to the government for its sponsorship.

Additionally, the association’s Vice President, Ms. Sharlene Martin, presented Minister Liburd with tickets representing two tables for the government’s use at the gala. The ceremony was chaired by Mr. Kevin Barrett, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports, and Mr. Jamir Claxton, Director of the Department of Sports on Nevis, was also present.

In conclusion, the $50,000 sponsorship from the NIA to the Nevis Cricket (#ad) Association is an outstanding gesture to honor Elquemedo Tonito Willett. This event will not only be a celebration of Mr. Willett’s achievements but also an opportunity to recognize the importance of breaking through barriers to inspire future generations.

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