The Battle Has Just Begun Says PAM Leader

PAM Leader - Mr. Lindsay Grant

PAM Leader – Mr. Lindsay Grant

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
February 05, 2010

I never thought that I could feel so uplifted after being told that I had unfairly lost and election for the second time in constituency #4 but when I saw the outpouring of support and energy in Cayon I was greatly moved by the confidence of the members, friends and supporters of the People’s Action Movement.

I am especially proud of our people in Half Way Tree who were at ground zero in the desperate campaign of Dr. Denzil Douglas to save his own skin with diplomatic immunity for a further five years. He will not succeed. Just like you I cannot see my country dying and refuse to lend a helping hand. I am pleased to personally inform you that the papers in the election petition will be filed by early next week and the fraudulent decision will be overturned. Dr. Denzil Douglas will then have a minority government and we can all remember what he said about that in 1993. This will be one time that we will take him at his word.

I wish to congratulate the Hon. Shawn Richards and the Hon. Eugene Hamilton for their resounding defeat of the corrupt Labour electoral machinery. I wish to especially commend Eugene for standing firm through being the victim of physical violence from which he is still suffering, violence against his office and severe violence against his reputation. Eugene has really done us proud. The Hon. Shawn Richards as well has served the entire Federation well over the last five years as sometimes the only voice in parliament who stood up to Dr. Douglas and we are proud of him for that. The people of Sandy Point, Conaree, Cayon, St. Peters and environs were extraordinarily vigilant and strenuously defended their democracy. They are an inspiration all of us. I look forward to fighting with you all in the next phase of this battle as we bring this campaign to victory to its rightful conclusion. The Change will come.

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