Teachers Union Lauded For Role In Career Path

PM Douglas with Education Minister Carty

PM Douglas with Education Minister Carty (r)
Photo By Erasmus Williams

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
October 03, 2010 (CUOPM)

Teachers will be involved in the setting of standards for entry into and performance in the teaching profession.

Federal Minister of Education, Sen. the Hon. Nigel Carty said the Ministry will work with schools to implement a broad, systematic and ongoing scheme for the assessment, monitoring and evaluation of teachers as of this school term.

“Principals, Heads of Academic Department and senior teachers will be evaluating the overall performance of their peers, and will make recommendations for the training, re-orientation, promotion, and positioning, of our teachers. What we are certain about is that teachers who according to these appraisals consistently perform poorly or unprofessionally or irresponsibly will not be given comfort in the profession,” Minister Carty disclosed in a radio and television broadcast.

He said he was proud that the St. Kitts Teachers Union is playing a lead role in the establishment of a Career Path System for teachers.

“The Career Path System is a ladder of positions of seniority and responsibility in the teaching profession. It will provide the opportunity for the upward mobility of teachers, some of whom have been stuck in one position for many years, with no room at the top. The system will differentiate master teachers from other teachers, and hopefully will create an incentive for those who have had long tenure in the service, to strive for a higher level of excellence,” Mr. Carty told the Nation.

He said the Ministry continues to to look for more ways of creating new partnerships, of strengthening strategic alliances, and of investing in teachers.

“We shall continue to acknowledge the efforts of teachers and educators, both past and present,” said Minister Carty.

The Minister of Education admitted that despite facing a plethora of obstacles that test their creativity, will and patience, most teachers steadfastly stand by their commitment to give of their best.

“In everything they do, teachers ought to demonstrate care, trust, respect and integrity in their dealings with our children and their education. These are the ethical standards of the profession. You see, teachers will not earn the respect of the community as of right ““ we must fight together to regain it. Even as teachers ask for partnerships, they mustr actively reach out for partnerships. The pursuit of passivity will yield only attenuation and reduction of our profession,” said Minister Carty.

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