High Producing Maddens Water Well Commissioned

Mr. Brian Kennedy - Nevis Water Department

Mr. Brian Kennedy – Nevis Water Department

Charlestown, Nevis
July 01, 2008

A new high production water well discovered in Maddens by Bedrock Explorations and Drilling (BEAD), was commissioned by the Nevis Water Department last weekend, following the completion of pipe work which linked it to the existing service reservoir at Maddens.

Water Development Engineer at the Nevis Water Department Mr. Brian Kennedy gave the confirmation on June 20, 2008, when he spoke to the Department of Information.

“Last week the well was completed and the pipe work to connect the well to the Maddens existing reservoir was also completed, so the first water that was produced and sent up to the reservoir was done over the weekend.

“The idea is that all of the water will be pumped to the Maddens reservoir and therefore as long as we keep the water topped up in the reservoir the system that’s operating and has been operating for many, many years of serving the entire area from Maddens, Butlers across to Camps, Mount Lilly, Jessups and Four Seasons that arm is taken care of once we keep the reservoir at Maddens full. So that’s what we have been able to do with the new well,” he said.

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