Nevis Island Officials Travel To Trinidad

Nevis Minister - Robelto Hector

Nevis Land and Housing Minister – Robelto Hector

Charlestown, Nevis
July 17, 2008

Minister with responsibility for Land and Housing Hon. Robelto Hector and Legal Advisor in the Nevis Island Administration Mr. Patrice Nisbett left Nevis on July 17, 2008, on a government business trip to Trinidad and Tobago. General Manager of the Nevis Housing and Land Development Corporation (NHLC) Mr. Eustace Nisbett also formed part of the delegation.

The team will be involved in negotiations with the Unit Trust of Trinidad and Tobago with regard to two loans totaled US$15million to the NHLC. Ten million dollars of the loan was used to finance the compulsory acquisition of 730 acres of land in the Pinneys area. The delegation will also seek to put in place easier access for new property owners in that area for marketable titles.

“There is an incumberence in favour of the Unit Trust Corporation on the titles held by the Nevis Housing and Lands Development Corporation and in order to facilitate the giving of clear unencumbered and marketable titles to purchasers of lots in Nugent Village, Nugent Heights and the Pinneys commercial area, one would have to obtain the requisite consent from the officials of the Unit Trust Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago.

“We have been experiencing some difficulty in obtaining the requisite consent and so we are journeying to Trinidad and Tobago to negotiate with the officials of the Unit Trust and to see if we could persuade them to put in place an easier method of obtaining the consent, so that the Corporation upon receiving the proceeds from the purchasers would be in a position to convey a good, clear and unincumbered marketable title to the purchasers,” he said.

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