St. Kitts Primary School Stresses Career Choices

Career Choices

Career Choice Planning

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
June 15, 2012 (SKNIS)

The Charles E. Mills Secondary School has again gone beyond the call of duty to ensure that their students are on the correct path to making informed choices about their careers.

At a June 14 meeting chaired by Teacher and Mathematics enthusiast Mrs. Joycelyn Wiltshire, parents and students of second form were brought together to discuss a range of CXC subject options proposed for the third form academic year.

This move came in response to the school administration’s past observations that students were neither thinking nor having enough discussions with their parents and guardians about ensuring that the subjects they chose in third form upwards were correspondent with their presumed future career choices.

Principal of the CEMSS Miss Lorozine Williams said without such a meeting some parents cannot fully appreciate why subject options follow a particular method of arrangement.

“Often times parents and students are not aware of the options that we have on third form and so it’s very important for us to bring them into a meeting to discuss how the options are organized” said Miss Williams. “The whole idea behind this is to ensure that they are fully aware of exactly how the options are structured, and how they are aligned in keeping with what obtains at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College because that is also taken into consideration. That is why we ensure that somebody from the college is present at these meetings” explained the Principal, “to give them first hand information in relation to what is happening there and how they are supposed to organize the selection of their subjects in order for them to be equipped and able to fit into CFBC when they get there.”

Principal Williams is convinced that these meetings do make a difference in the way students make subject and ultimately career choices.

“I feel very strongly that they do because when the parents come to the meetings they get additional information and insight as to exactly which subjects can prepare you for which particular career goal” Miss Williams said. “The students themselves being present at this meeting they get an opportunity to hear what the teachers who are on the curriculum committee have to say in relation to what the subjects offer and how they can adequately prepare them for the world of work.”

Students are instructed to discuss their subject options again over the coming weekend with their parents and guardians and return the filled forms to the school on Monday June 18.

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