St. Kitts – Nevis Reviews Approach To School Tests Standards

St. Thomas Primary School Students

St. Thomas Primary School Students

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
June 08, 2011 (SKNIS)

Education Official Calwyn Morton says its time for the “hype” surrounding the Test of Standards to be discontinued.

Mr. Morton in presenting a report on plans for the examination which is scheduled to start on June 15, said he hopes parents and students would get a greater understanding of the intent of the annual Test.

According to Mr. Morton, misconceptions surrounding the test tend to raise unnecessary anxieties among parents and students alike.

This he added is geared toward student attainment levels and assessment of performances with a view of implementing the necessary interventions across the board and continuing best practices. The idea that it is a placement test puts many students on edge, he said.

While the test does shed light on individual performance, it also highlights inconsistency in performance between schools.

In an effort to raise transparency and bring parents “on board” with an understanding of the reason for the test, the Curriculum Development Unit has designed a brochure which gives information about the test, as well as the proposed schedule for this years’ examinations.

Students are tested in the area of English, Math, Science and Technology and Social Studies.

The exams start on Wednesday June 15 with English Papers 1 and 2; Continue on June 16th with Math papers 1 and 2 and Social Studies on Tuesday June 21, culminating with Science and Technology on Wednesday June 22.

Additional improvements this year include the introduction of Student I.Ds as well as an improvement in the administration of the Test.

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