SKABA Player Receives Two Year Suspension

St. Kitts Amateur Basketball Association

The Ram’s Hitters Baketball Team Fined $1000

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Nevis
April 30, 2010

Rams Hitters star Guard Ansel “Bonzi” Revan has been slapped with a  2 year ,2 game suspension while his team has been fined $1000 for two recent incidents involving confrontations with SKABA officials. The young very talented guard received the automatic penalties for his actions which took place a Basketball City as well as  at a SKABA sanctioned Challengers Community League game where according to reports, Revan hit and shoved referee Rawlston Richardson . The confrontation resulted in the forced stoppage of the game with minutes remaining. Details of the report from SKABA’s Games Committee on the incidents which resulted in the unprecedented penalties were that:

1. On Monday 26 April 2010 during the game Hitters vs Blue Devils, Ansel Revan verbally abused referee Mr. Grason Richards.  Although he was spoken to by the said referee he made no attempt to cease with such abuse.

According to the SKABA rules and regulations article #3 subsection (i) clearly states that verbal abuse of any official would result in an automatic two (2) game suspension which goes into effect on receipt of this letter.

2. On Wednesday 28 April 2010 during a Basketball Championship matchup in the SKABA sanctioned Challengers Community League Fig Tree “Behive” vs Rebels in challengers Ansel Revan was a player in said game and competition. Mr. Revan physically abused the Referee Mr. Rawlston Richardson by shoving/ chucking him in the chest.

His action caused the game to be blown off by the said referee and as such a report was submitted.  The Games Committee will not tolerate any such behavior from players and as such we are adamant in upholding the rules and regulations.

In keeping with the rules and regulations Article #3 subsection (vi) Mr. Revan is hereby suspended for two (2) years from SKABA League or any other SKABA sanctioned event.

The SKABA Games Committee report also went on to state that in accordance with SKABA’s rules and regulations Revan’s SKABA team the Rams Hitters has been charged a fine of one thousand ($1000.00) dollars to be paid no later than Friday 07 May 2010.

The suspension will no doubt affect the fortunes of the Rams Hitters who opened the season with a first time loss to the Joseph Parry Cotton Ground Rebels.   Revan has been a critical component of the team’s success over the last few years.

In 2009 Horsford’s Ghetto Roots player Berlie Francis was slapped with an almost similar penalty when he was suspended for one year for verbally abusing Chief Referee Ian Liburd also at a Challengers Community League match-up early in 2009. Francis was forced to sit out the entire season.

“SKABA is striving to raise the standard of the game through a number of inititiatives and chief among these is to raise the standard of the behavior of players and the safety and security of our officials,” said SKABA General Secretary Wallis Wilkin. “Players must at ALL times exhibit self-control and at all times act in a manner that reflects positively on the SKABA, as all players are ambassadors of SKABA and must act accordingly at all times,” Wilkin continued. “The SKABA just recently implemented stiffer penalties for this sort of behavior and Hopefully this suspension will send a clear message to all players that their behavior in and around all SKABA and SKABA sanctioned events will be closely monitored to ensure a high level and standard .”

In 2006 Revan led the SK Richards Chappurtin to a successful season which resulted in the teams promotion to the Premeir Division. He returned to the Hitters the following year where he became the teams and arguably the league’s best defensive player and one of the league’s top all around players .

In his last game against the Joseph Parry CG Rebels Revan was the 2nd leading scorer for Hitters with 13 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 steals.

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