Sandy Point Lighting Project To Be Completed

New Sandy Point Lights

New Sandy Point Lights

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
February 28, 2016 (SKNIS)

Sporting officials, athletes and fans attending the Charles E. Mills Secondary School’s Sports Day on Sunday (February 28) at the New Sandy Point Recreation Ground are expected to feel a greater sense of comfort and excitement as it marks the first time they will be competing under professional outdoor sports lighting.

On Thursday, crews from the St. Kitts Electricity Company Ltd. were busy connecting the new lights to the national grid, signaling the final stage of the construction project.

Director of the Department of Sports, Anthony Wiltshire, said the sporting facility is more than 20-years-old and a lighting project like this has been greatly needed.

“What has been happening in Sandy Point is that the high school sports day especially would go way into the night and then we [would] be at a loss,” he said. “We can’t see [properly] as they round the curve because of the poor lighting with the usual lamps that are used.”

The four poles with 18 bulbs on each will now help to light the way and Mr. Wiltshire said plans are already being formulated to expand the use of the facility for night activities including cricket and football. He said the community should also take advantage of the venue.

“It is not just from a school standpoint but we are looking at the community in general,” he explained. “That the various clubs, groups, even churches could have activities here at the facility so it (the venue upgrade) is something that is impacting not just the sports savvy people but the entire community of Sandy Point, young and old alike.”

The director of sports, a Sandy Pointer himself, said persons from surrounding communities are welcome to use the venue as it is a public facility, solely owned and maintained by the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis.

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