Pre-School Receives Donation From Four Seasons

Playground Equipment - Nevis Pre-School

28 Year Old Playground Equipment Donated

Charlestown, Nevis
March 07, 2019

Naomi’s Nursery and Pre School in Garrick’s Pasture, Jessups Village, now has a playground thanks to the generosity of the Four Seasons Resort, Nevis.

While presenting the gift recently to the school’s Supervisor/Proprietor Mrs. Naomi Douglas on behalf of the Resort, Mr. Mac Kee France, Director of Guest Experiences noted that the school’s proximity was one of the reasons it was chosen.

“When we were doing some rebuilding of the resort, we had this playground which we were taking out. We didn’t need it anymore, and so the resort said ‘Who can we give it to?’ and immediately I thought well there is a school right next door we said let’s go ahead and give it to the Naomi’s Pre-School because they can use it,” he said.

The playground had been installed at the resort for the past 28 years and was no longer needed. However Mr. France believes with the repairs done on the structure by Pastor James Douglas and his team it would be of help to the students.

“It’s a wonderful structure. We hope that the kids will have fun. It will help them to develop their motor skills and their physical well-being, and so we are very proud to hand this over to you and we hope for a long time you will have it, and if ever goes wrong any part of it we are always there to help with any repairs that you may need. Congratulations and we are pleased to present that to you,” he said.

In response, Mrs. Douglas thanked the resort for the kind gesture and all those who contributed in directing the gift to the school.

“On behalf of the students, the parents, teachers and all of us from Naomi’s Nursery and Pre-School we want to say thank you to Four Seasons for this kind gesture and we are very happy that we were able to have it because the children are very excited,” she said.

Mrs. Douglas also used the opportunity to thank Pastor Douglas and his team, Mr. France and Mr. Don Pemberton for their efforts.

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