Parents Urged To Keep Children In School

Shawn Richards Addresses Parents

Shawn Richards Addresses Parents

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
September 11, 2015 (SKNIS)

St. Kitts – Nevis Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Responsible for Education Hon. Shawn Richards is urging parents and guardians of children to aid in the molding of the nation’s youth by keeping them in school.

In a recent back to school speech, the minister noted that the parents and guardians of the Federation’s “most precious resource and greatest asset” are not only legally required to send their children to school, but are even more importantly morally bound to do so.

He added that there is nothing as useful and important as education to keep the nation moving upward and forward.

“There really is nothing useful to be gained by keeping your children, the nation’s children, at home,” he said. “They have been at home on vacation for the past eight weeks.  The time has come for them to return to school, to continue to learn, and to receive quality education.  I call on parents to be wise and to put the welfare of the children in front of and beyond all other considerations.”

He further advised parents and guardians to ensure that the children are properly attired in the right uniform and prepared for school with the necessary tools such as text books, pens, exercise books, laptops and anything else that will help in their learning.

Minister Richards pointed out that parents should teach their children the right attitude, “one of obedience, respect, compassion, friendliness, honesty, co-operation and hard work, and being early and regular.”

“This is good for the child himself, the other students, the school, the society, the nation. It is the right and proper thing for them to be at school.  It helps them now. It benefits them much later.”

He reassured the parents and guardians that the school administration will ensure that all students are safe, comfortable and well taught.

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