PAM Launches Online Petition For Debates

Online Petition

Do Your Political Duty – Demand A Debate!

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement (PAM)
November 04, 2009

Today, PAM Leader Lindsay Grant sent an email to Kittitians and Nevisians calling on citizens to join him in calling for debates in the Federation. He launched an open letter on PAM’s website calling for debates and asked Kittitians and Nevisians to join him in signing the letter. In his letter to the Federation, Grant issued the call for debates, “It’s time for Denzil Douglas to defend his failed policies in a series of fair and open debates. It’s time for Denzil Douglas to tell us why a crime and murder crisis spiraled out of control under his watch. It’s time for Denzil Douglas to explain why he chose to undermine our Constitution and our democracy by trying to impose unfair and illegal constituency boundaries cynically designed to stack the deck in his favour.  It’s time for a debate.”

Grant reinforced his readiness to talk about the vexing problems facing the Federation.

“I’m ready to talk about the crime and murder crisis that spiraled out of control under his watch. I’m ready to talk about his utter disrespect for the Constitution, the rule of law and our democracy. And, I’m ready to talk about the crushing national debt that ranks up there with Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe,” said Grant.

Grant noted in his email that earlier this year, Denzil Douglas said that a debate would be a “delight” and that he was “very open” to debating.

Citizens can find the letter and sign the petition at

1 thought on “PAM Launches Online Petition For Debates”

  1. The latest ploy by Lindsey Grant is silly. He has lost the election, whether rightly or wrongly, and now he has to stop being a lawyer and become a polititian. If he cannot become a polititian, then he should hand opver the responsibility to some who can lead PAM out of the doldrums. It is a fact that he lost C#4 by some fifty odd seats, but he has lost, rightly or wrongly, the ballot has spoken. He now needs to lead the party on, or lead from the back row, if he has the future of the federation in mind rather than his indeloble ambition to becvome PM. He would be slaughtered in a debate against DD; in the mean time be warned as D Walcot has stated in the Gulf “When the y turn from those whose voices they can no longer believe, when black Xs, mark their passover with slain seraphim. Wevarte haeding for a one party state in the federation because of a very weak opposition, with a man whose claim to the reins of power, seems tome that he has been to collegewith Obama has Obama suddenly become Marcus Garvey, Paul Southwell and Robert Bradshaw?

    Lindsey needs to take along hard look at his options. Court cases do not win elections, and against an elected government with a formidabnle tracjk record, rightly or wrongly, he is like a stubborn donkey hitting its head against a wall. He has to learn to fight and fight die=rty if he wants to win and he hasn’t got the guts. He is conservative, well meaning, not a formidable machievel like DD, and PAM has had four wake up calls. Hello, is theere any one home> Yes the lights are on, but there’s no one there!


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