PAM Has A Positive Message For 2012

PAM Leader - Lindsay Grant

PAM Leader – Lindsay Grant

March 22, 2012
Peoples Action Movement
St. Kitts – Nevis

Sandy Point was the venue for a meeting of the Peoples Action Movement last Sunday evening and Old Road followed on Thursday night.

The main speakers at both meetings were Dr. Charles Warner, Deputy Political Leader Hon Eugene Hamilton, Deputy Political Leader Hon Shawn Richards and Political Leader Mr. Lindsay Grant.

The messages from the meetings focused on issues affecting our people during their everyday life. These included topics covering Crime and solutions; economic woes and remedies; the havoc of our National Debt and ways to restore our financial credibility and programs that benefit people and engender hope and opportunity.

Listeners heard how the present Labour Party is unrecognizable by its members who are one by one publicly condemning the Leadership of their party and country for ignoring the history of Labour and for losing sight of the policies and programs that gave birth to the Labour Movement in the Federation.

Listeners heard how the present Government has adopted policies that have condemned citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis to a lifetime of poverty and enslavement, while at the same time staking claim as a Government that loves those who are poor.

The examples of how Housing and Social Services Levy deducted from wages on the false claim to construct houses that have been used to rip off poor unsuspecting occupants were given. The example of locals who live here, having to pay VAT of 17% while those who stay at our hotels are only required to pay VAT of 10% was given. The example of electricity consumption of 200 units per month was billed at $85.00 before the General Election of 2010 and that same consumption of 200 units is now at a cost of $199.00 was given; an increase of 170%.

Listeners heard how the Government has allowed millions of dollars to be paid into bank accounts of individuals or corporations that are not entitled to such payments.

The example of $250 million (claimed to be spent on La Vallee Golf Course that has had one day of Golf played) that has found its way in the pockets of undeserving players, that has produced no income or sustainable employment whatsoever was given. The example of Beacon Heights that has so far sucked over #80 million from our Social Security Pension Fund that has no earnings projections satisfying an investment return was given. The example of SIDF raking in over $600 million USD that ought to be in the Consolidated Fund of the State but is used as a slush fund of the Political Directorate was given. The example of $11 million dollars paid out in 2007/2008 for so called Hydrofoil debt that has been Statute barred for over 16 years was given.

Listeners heard some examples of the way forward with PAM; a way of hope, opportunity and Good Governance; a way in which every citizen can participate and grow as the Nation grows.

The example of a National Health Insurance Scheme that would help save the lives of those who cannot afford Health Coverage and the cost of Health Care was given. The example of Venture Capital Funding for those with bright, realistic ideas whose circumstances militate against them accessing funds from the traditional sources was given. The example of sunshine in Government facilitated by such legislation as Integrity in Public Life and Freedom of Information was given.

On Sunday March 18th at the 47th Convention of PAM that will be held at the party headquarters there will be an opportunity for those who missed the PAM message to listen and appreciate the need for change.

While we expect that seated will be treated, we have arranged for the live broadcast of the Convention so that those, especially those who live in the Diaspora can relax and listen.

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