New Nevis Tax Legislation Bill

Charlestown, Nevis
April 16, 2008

Junior Minister in the Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs in the Nevis Island Administration  (NIA) the Hon. Dwight Cozier described the Nevis Property Tax legislation as an organised approach to property tax.  Mr. Cozier made the comment in support of the bill shortly entitled the Nevis Property Tax Ordinance 2007 during a sitting of the Nevis Island Assembly on Tuesday April 15th 2008.
He called upon the people of Nevis to recognise their obligation to pay taxes and emphasized that the approach was important.
“The tax itself has to be as fairly imposed as possible. There was a review board and an appeal court process provided for those who felt that they were unfairly tax as outlined by section 72 (1) page 30 of the legislation,” he said.
The Consumer Affairs Minister said that the NIA was aware of the global rising cost of living and was in the process of putting in place measures to reduce the prices on a number of food items.
“The NRP led Nevis Island Administration is aware of the worldwide cost of living which is rising as a result of oil prices which have climbed to a record high of $112.00 and we are in the process of taking steps to bring about drastic reductions when the food basket items are announced shortly.
“We must however be aware of the importance to conserve, to save and not to squander and waste, to properly manage our resources knowing that they are scarce.  We must also recognise the importance of supporting what is good for Nevis.  This is the mark of patriotism,” Mr. Cozier said.

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