Nevis Special Events – July 2006

To Be Announced: Fruit Festival – Sample a wide variety of tasty dishes and drinks beautifully prepared from Nevis’  locally grown tropical fruits  . For more information please call the Department of Agriculture: at either 869.469.5603 or 869.469.7302 July 28 …

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Nevis Equestrian Centre

The most popular ride, beach and trail, begins with a walk past Ft. Ashby, the first fort on the island built in 1650, leading you to one of the many secluded beaches on Nevis. Along the way, you will pass Nelson’s Spring, a beautiful lagoon where clipper ships once filled up with fresh drinking water.
As you continue through Calhoun Estate where you will see Brahma cattle and in the distance, St. Thomas’ Anglican Church, the oldest active Anglican Church in the Caribbean (1643). You then turn east and slowly climb the mountain slope to Paradise Estate, where you will see ruins of a sugar mill.

Your ride then continues through the bush, above the Four Seasons world-renowned golf course, to several grand local homes. You continue on through the village of Barnes Ghaut (ghaut meaning gorge or ravine), more bush and on to the village of Cotton Ground, which derives its name from the production of cotton in years past. The people of this village are warm and friendly and you don’t want to forget the name of your horse because the young children, who know the horses, will question you as to which one you are riding.

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The Eva Wilkin Gallery

The Eva Wilkin Gallery is located in an 18th century windmill at Clay Ghaut Estate.  It was here that Eva Wilkin lived her long and productive life after studying art in England. She sketched and painted the wonderful views, the …

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SCUBA Safaris – Where To Dive In Nevis

Explore virgin reefs among majestic pillar coral, sea fans and long slender tube sponges.  Dive among schools of snapper, angelfish chubs, jacks and barracuda while graceful southern stingrays, eagle rays and numerous turtles glide lazily by.  Numerous dive sites are available off the shores of Nevis.

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Nevis Water Sports Ltd.

The Sea Brat – Nevis Water Sports Ltd.


There are many reefs off Nevis, and hence plenty of reef fish. These reefs also create drop-offs, and it is here where you will find an abundance of game fish, such as Wahoo, Dorado (locally call dolphin fish), Tuna, Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish, and Kingfish.  Nevis Water Sports provides you with a choice of two types of fishing excursions, Deep Sea and/or Bottom Fishing.

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