Nevis Waives Duty On Hurricane Shutters

Nevis Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters Duty Waived On Nevis

Charlestown, Nevis
July 04, 2018

Home and property owners on Nevis are being offered assistance by the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) to help prepare for the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane season. The Administration is offering a waiver of Customs Service Charge and Customs Import Duty on hurricane shutters.

Hon. Alexis Jeffers, Deputy Premier of Nevis and Minister responsible for Disaster Management, made the disclosure at a sitting of the Nevis Island Assembly on July 03, 2018, as he encouraged persons to take advantage of the opportunity.

“These shutters can be bought locally, they can be bought overseas, they can purchase the material that will be used to construct those shutters but of course they will receive custom duties waiver on the material. The Value Added Tax (VAT) is applicable.

“We are encouraging all of our citizens and residents to start preparations since we are giving you this relief at this point. It runs from June 01 until October 31… This is an incentive, we are hoping that they will take advantage of, so as to get their properties or their houses in a state of readiness for the upcoming season,” he said.

Mr. Jeffers said the NIA believes the initiative is an important one and the Cabinet embraced the suggestion to assist home and property owners on Nevis to prepare for the season, particularly in light of the vigorous and destructive 2017 hurricane season.

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