Nevis Unveils Miss Culturama Queen Contestants

Nevis Culturama Queen Contestants -2008

Nevis’ Culturama Queen Contestants -2008

Charlestown, Nevis
July 01, 2008

Minister of Culture in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) Hon. Hensley Daniel, appealed to the public to have a positive attitude towards the Culturama festival and its participants and to abstain criminal activity.

The Minister made the call at the official launch of the 2008 Miss Culture Queen Contestants on June 27, 2008. The event featured a motorcade of the contestants and their escorts through Charlestown and culminated at the Nevis Cultural Park on Old Hospital Road.

The four contestants for this year’s pageant are Miss Carib Brewery Tanisha Hendrickson, Miss S.L. Horsfords and Company Limited Shamilla Wilkinson, Miss Cable and Wireless Shanyra Richardson and Miss Development Bank Roslyn Berkley.

 “I want to urge all of us to please desist from discouraging people because it means that as we go forward we will always have to be stopping and starting with the festival.  I also want to say to the people in Nevis that I want to urge all of us to ensure that we have a peaceful Culturama,” he said.

Minister Daniel also spoke of the importance of Culturama and the Miss Culture Pageant to the Festival.

“The Miss Culture Talent Show is our biggest attraction and has been for the recent years and I believe all of us in Nevis look forward with anticipation for a tremendous show this year,” he said.

Chairman of Culturama Mr. Halstead Byron recorded his gratitude to the contestants for entering the pageant.

“I want to congratulate and thank the four contestants who will be participating in the Miss Culture contest this year.  I want to congratulate and thank you because it has been a difficult year for us at the Culturama Committee and the Culturama Queen Show Sub-Committee,” Mr. Byron said.

He also asked the public to participate in the different activities.

“Culturama is for we, Culturama belongs to all of us Nevisians, all of us residents of Nevis and we certainly want all of you to participate in it.  We want you also to be involved in the troupes and to support all the shows that will be on for pre-Culturama activities as well as the official Culturama activities,” Mr. Byron said.

Manager of the Festival Secretariat Mr. Antonio Liburd said he was positive that the festival was going to be an exciting one.

“Inspite of all the difficulties that we have had along the way, I can assure you that we are set and well poised to deliver a quality show in 2008,” Mr. Liburd said.

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