Nevis Tourism To Showcase Nevis For Cricket World Cup

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (January19, 2007)
The Nevis Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Social Transformation, Youth, Sports Culture, Trade, Industry and Consumer Affairs have joined forces to enhance the visitor experience while on Nevis for the upcoming 2007 Cricket World Cup
According to Mr. Devon Liburd, Tourism Officer at the Authority, both bodies have formed a World Cup 2007 Visitor Experience Enhancement Committee to make sure that an indelible mark and a lasting memorable impression would remain with visitors to Nevis during that period.
The Tourism official said, though the cricket matches would be played in St. Kitts, not all visitors would be attending the matches and there would be a number of rest days during the matches, the Committee would provide an avenue through which visitors could enjoy some of what Nevis had to offer.A number of major activities have been planned including a cultural street fair in Charlestown on Saturday March 17 from 12pm ““ 6pm.
“With the permission of the Police we will block off parts of the streets on Charlestown and encourage our craft and food vendors, entertainers to come out and have a mini Culturama on that afternoon. There will be a heritage Village Cultural day on Friday March 23rd from 12pm ““ 6pm.  There we are hoping to go back to grass roots give them [visitors] a real cultural experience given the thrust we place on the Heritage Village in terms of our past. The main focus would be local aspects of Nevis life,” he said.
A beach bash at Pinneys Beach is slated for Sunday March 25th from 10am one day after the matches are completed in St. Kitts. The event would provide an opportunity for persons to unwind and relax on the beach with some entertainment.
Other activities include at least two 20/20 matches which will be held at evenings. Mr. Liburd said visitors to Nevis would be encouraged to join a “visitor pick-up team to play against a local team.
In addition he said venues which provided weekly activities would be encouraged to put on special events during the World Cup period.
To compliment the activities, Mr. Liburd encouraged the public to continue to provide their usual excellent service to visitors and to improve the general aesthetics of beautiful Nevis.

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