Nevis Tourism Forum Grows Rapidly

August 17, 2007
Newcastle, Nevis
For Immediate Public Release

The Nevis Island Tourism Forum, a sister site of this site, has grown rapidly in the past two months.  The site whcih features reviews, tips, and questions on everything from villa rentals to passport regulations now has over 240 members!  In addition to the large membership, there are now over 850 posts about almost 300 varied topics pertaining to Nevis tourism.

For all of the latest Nevis tourism tips and more, you really owe it to yourself to check out the wealth of information there.  Feel free to answer a question, or ask one of your own.  The members of the Nevis Island Torism Forum are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch and always enjoy meeting other fans of the lovely Caribbean island of Nevis.

See you in the forum!

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