Nevis To Honour Michael Herald Sutton

Charlestown Nevis (February 25, 2007)
The New Fine Arts Theatre for Nevis will be named for Michael Herald Sutton.  Premier of Nevis the Hon. Joseph Parry made the commitment on Sunday afternoon while addressing thousands of Nevisians at the Celebration of Life, thanksgiving service in honor of Michael Herald Sutton.

Following the ceremony, in a live radio interview with guest commentator, Stevenson Manners, Premier Parry further confirmed the Nevis Island Administration’s commitment and explained why his Administration was moving forward in this direction.

“I think that none other than Michael Herald Sutton will deserve to have this honor in his name. It will be a great gesture on our [NIA] part especially for the young people to see us [NIA] honor persons who have made difference.  He has indeed made a great difference in music and in the lives of Nevisians and young people especially.

We [NIA] hope that by the 10th July of this year that we [NIA] would have organized to name a number of things after persons because we need to have landmarks in Nevis and it must be a Historical landmark.  Landmarks that indicate to the young people that these persons have been achievers and these are people to emulate and inspire, and so in the arts, in education, in different fields we expect to honor people dead and or alive”, the Premier said.The Premier also gave his assurance that Michael Herald’s legacy especially his involvement in schools and education, would be continued by the Nevis Island Administration and hoped that he will be an inspiration to all young people.

Speaking on behalf of the North Caribbean Conference of Seventh Day Adventist Churches, Pastor Andrew Gardner, said that at the next sitting of the organization a Michael Herald Sutton Scholarship Fund will be proposed.  He said the fund would be established for the music ministry that Sutton has started and will seek to continue to honor his memory through this venture.

One of the significant features during the thanksgiving celebration when mother, Mrs. Elcelia Sutton, eloquently eulogized her son, giving a reflection of his life and acknowledging the outpouring of love and support of Nevisians.

“He was a family man, caring and affectionate.  Above all, I give thanks for the life of a man I am so proud to be able to call my son: humble, self-sacrificing, the extraordinary and irreplaceable Herald, whose splendour, both internal and external, will never be extinguished from our minds.

He fought a good fight, he kept the faith and on Sunday, February 18th he fell asleep at his home at pump Road after preparing a meal he wasn’t able to partake.  May the Lord prepare a feast from the tree of life in paradise when the earth is made new.  May his sould rest in peace”, she said.

The home-going thanksgiving service took place at the Nevis Netball Complex in Charlestown against a backdrop of Vaughn Anslyn painting. With Herald attired in white shirt, sitting at white grand piano and a white dove in flight. Above, superimposed were white cumulus clouds, very simply written, the word “˜Herald’ in double meaning, being his name and the culmination of the unity of all strata of the Nevisian society to herald the outstanding achievements of the man, Michael Herald Sutton.

Born May 10th 1966 in Butlers Village, Nevis, young Michael showed signs of his musical ability at a very early age and rose to prominence quickly. His great musical prowess took him beyond the shores of Nevis.

At the time of his passing he was Director of the Nevis Boys Choir, Music Cordinator for Schools on Nevis, among other things. His remains were interred at the Bath cemetery in Charlestown.

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