Nevis To Hold Christmas Boat Lighting and Parade Contest

Boat Decorated With Christmas Light Display

Boat Decorated With Christmas Light Display

Charlestown, Nevis
November 12, 2009

The Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority (NASPA) sanctioned a new attraction to the Christmas Calendar of activities on Nevis that will further enhance its thrust in yacht tourism.

The Authority’s General Manager Mr. Spencer Hanley told the Department of Information at his Long Point office on Thursday, that the Nevis 1st Annual Christmas Ship/Boat Lighting and Parade Competition presented by Nevis Creative Enterprise, was the brainchild of President and private citizen Ms. Angela Williams. The event is slated for December 19th from the Charlestown Port to the Four Seasons Pier and back.

“Today we want to introduce to you a new product that has been brought on by a private citizen “¦ It is a case where yachts will dress up in Christmas lighting andd they will parade in the waters at Charlestown. They will sail down the coast perhaps as far as Cades Bay and back and they will be judged.

“It will be a first time here in Nevis but it will not be a first time in yachting”¦Quite a bit of work has gone into this already. The other yachting destinations in St. Maarten, Antigua and St. Kitts have been invited and so it is a good thing, it is a change for Christmas,” he said.

Mr. Hanley explained that Ms. Williams had approached the Authority for its assistance and they, like other local tourism institutions, embraced the idea.

“All the partners are excited. I am aware that the Nevis Tourism Authority has been invited and they are involved and they are doing some serious marketing for this event. I am aware that the Ministry of Tourism is involved [and] we here at NASPA. The Nevis Yacht Club they are [also] involved in giving assistance to Ms. Williams,” he said.

The NASPA General Manager used the opportunity to underscore the growth in yacht tourism and explained that in almost three years the industry had seen a marked increase.

“A few years ago, we at NASPA installed yacht moorings as a means of attracting yachts into Nevis and we are happy to report to you, that we have seen a significant increase in our yacht arrivals since the installation of those moorings.

“Just to give you a little idea, in 2007 we had 400 yacht arrivals into Nevis for the entire year. In 2008 we had 722 and as of now and the year has not ended yet and in spite of the economic downturn, we already have 780 yacht arrivals into Nevis. So that speaks volumes. Yacht tourism is indeed catching on in Nevis,” he said.

Meantime, Ms. Williams who was on hand, explained that the event stemmed from the need to engage the family in wholesome fun at Christmas time.

“The family is very important and I felt that the children needed something to do. The Christmas lights are always enticing to children and a lot of people would dress up their houses but some people do not have transportation to drive around.

“So I felt the location was central and everybody should be able to get there and be able to witness it and bring the families out and just have fun,” she said.

Ms. Williams urged local boat owners to participate in the event and cited that it would be an unforgettable event to view from the water’s edge.

“I think that it will be a beautiful sight along the water side once you see all the Christmas decoration and lights sailing along the bay front it would be absolutely beautiful.

“The registration fee is $100 and you can contact me at 1-869-662-2663 or email me at with regard to getting your registration form. Once you fill that out you will see all the rules and restrictions and disqualification criteria as well,” she said.

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