Nevis Students Receive Books On Federation’s History

Nevis Island Students

Nevis Students With Author

Charlestown, Nevis
November 07, 2008

Students on Nevis now have the opportunity to expand their knowledge on the development of St. Kitts and Nevis. They received copies of a new publication “St. Kitts and Nevis, A Portrait of a Nation, Celebrating 25 years of Independence” authored by Federal Minister Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris on October 8, at the Red Cross conference room. The donation was made possible through the collaborative effort of the First Caribbean International Bank.

The book which was compiled over the past year outlined St. Kitts and Nevis’ transition from a British slave colony to an independent nation and also points to the Federation’s increasing presence on the world stage.

Dr. Harris said the Bank along with other entities in the Federation had seen the need for corporate involvement and provided sponsorship to enable schools and educational institutions to have copies of the publication.

He urged the students to utilize the book for research in the area of history and said it was important that they understood their past and appreciated it.

Dr. Harris also impressed upon them the need to have a sense of belonging and cited that their start though preordained it was the destination on which they had embarked through application, discipline, learning well at school, that they could gather the essential requisites which would shape their future.

“You have to plan, you have to have a sense [belonging] and the earlier you plan what you want in life the easier it becomes to manage your life”┬ŽIf you are going to be the genuine leaders that take us to the next stage of development, you have to be a lot more prepared than the leaders before you,” he said.

Branch Manager (Nevis) Ms. Jasmin Parris said FirstCaribbean was pleased to support a recording of the Federation’s history and to assist in the communication of national values to the young people.

“I am sure our teachers will use their teaching skills in such a way as to make the information and knowledge in the book meaningful to our student population,” she said.

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