Nevis Strengthens Security At All Ports

Spencer Hanley - NASPA GM

Spencer Hanley – NASPA GM

Charlestown, Nevis
May 12, 2011

General Manager of the Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority [NASPA], Mr. Spencer Hanley, has called on travelers to cooperate with Nevis’ customs officials as they seek to “heighten security controls” at ports around the island.

Mr. Hanley, who, on May 4 witnessed the installation of a hold baggage x-ray machine at the Vance W. Amory [VWA] International Airport, said it was necessary for the traveling public to comply with the island’s new safety initiatives.

“We ask for your patience and for your cooperation. We know that we are servants of the people. We are here to serve you and we would do all we can to facilitate you in all the ways that we can but we cannot get it done without your continued cooperation and your support,” Mr. Hanley said.

The purchase of the new machine, according to him, was “timely” as “airports around the world are heightening security.”

“As we know, there is risk of retaliation and alerts at various airports around the world and not because we are a small airport here on Nevis, these are sometimes the places that some of these terrorists would target so we are really really happy that the machine has arrived and has been installed,” Mr. Hanley underpinned.

NASPA’s Chief Security Officer, Mr. David Hendrickson, said his department remains committed towards ensuring that “all cargo is screened with regards to the new rules of the Transportation Security Administration [TSA].”

Mr. Hendrickson was, like GM Hanley, appealing to the traveling public to cooperate with customs officials at the VWA International Airport.

“We crave your support. Please do not try to hide anything that you know cannot fly. If you want to find out if something can fly, you can call us at NASPA and find out and we’ll advise you accordingly but please do not take chances and hide anything because it would be identified and confiscated,” he said.

“The purchase of the new machine,” he added, would mean that “security would be beefed up at all the ports.”

“The machine we used to use here [at the VWA International Airport] before this one would be transferred back to the Charlestown port where we have to do certain screening. Also, we are beefing up security at all the ports and we’ll move within Long Point and Charlestown if we have cargo to go out. If there is very large cargo, we’ll arrange to have them checked here at the airport, then repacked and sent down to the sea port to be sent off,” Mr. Hendrickson explained.

The hold baggage x-ray machine was installed by Auto Clear representative Mr. Barry Luppowitz who also facilitated training for customs officers.

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