Nevis School Library Receives Donation

Charlestown Secondary School Receives New Chairs

Charlestown Secondary School Receives New Chairs

Charlestown, Nevis
October 15, 2013

The Department of Education on Nevis and the Charlestown Secondary School (CSS) were two entities which received a donation of furniture from the Nevis Association of South Florida.

At the brief handing over ceremony hosted at the CSS library on October 07, 2013, the School Librarian, Mrs. Marva Roberts explained that in August, the Association’s President indicated the group’s interest in donating some new chairs to a facility in Nevis and a decision was later taken that the chairs would be given to Education Department and the CSS Library to meet the shortfall of chairs there.

Meantime, local representative for the Association Mr. Spencer Hanley, in brief remarks stated the Association’s willingness to contribute to the advancement of education on the island; the people of Nevis and more so the youth.

“The Nevis Association of South Florida is always there and there for the people of Nevis and in particular the youth of Nevis and those involved in education.

“Clearly these chairs are for the benefit of the Department of Education and the Charlestown Secondary School for the library. So Mr. Elliott, on behalf of the Nevis Association of South Florida, we would like to present you with these chairs and hope they would be used for the betterment of the youth and the development of their education,” he said.

In response, Principal of the CSS Mr. Edson Elliott promised the Association that the chairs would play a vital role at the school.

“We promise that we will certainly put them to good use, The library here at the Charlestown Secondary School is a large library and certainly we would have to try to facilitate the needs of a large student body.

“The contribution of that Association will certainly go a long way in developing that culture in the library where we are trying to develop the needs of the students at the Charlestown Secondary School,” he stated.

The Principal further expressed gratitude to the Association on behalf of the school and the Department of Education for its contribution.

“I am happy that they have extended their interaction with the Charlestown Secondary School by providing this top quality furniture, it really looks good. Again on the behalf of the Charlestown Secondary School we would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Weekes and his Association,” he said.

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