Nevis – Saint Kitts – Amateur Radio (HAM)

     The St. Kitts Nevis Amateur Radio Society was founded on April 12th 1973 . This Society has remained committed to regional development and and integration since its inception. A few years ago, the Society, under President Al Elmes Esq. developed a Disaster and Emergency Operations SOP [Standard Operating Procedures] document, that is still fine tuned annually. Today that document is part of the training manual for regional emergency and disaster operations and management workshops. It is also the template of choice for many independent SOPs.Amateur Ham Radio Operators exist in almost every country and in most they form Clubs, Societies or Associations, with their their National organizational body joining the IARU. See these organizations on the IARU Member Society list

Congratulations to the Operators in Nevis who started their Club earlier in 2001. Interested persons are invited to check both islands organizations and or join them both. Details for contacting the Nevis AR club will be posted here as soon as it is available. For info on the 28 year old Society based in St. Kitts, contact the sknars President or Secretary. Society meetings are help on the first Tuesday evening in every month at the Red Cross Headquarters, Horsford Road, Basseterre at 8.00 P.M. Everyone is welcome.

Postal Address: G.P.O. Box 827, Basseterre, St. Kitts.
Meetings: Monthly, 1st Tuesday, at 8.00 P.M..
Venue: Red Cross HQ, Horsford Road, Basseterre.
President: Christopher McMahon Esq. – V44KAM
Vice President: Erickson France Esq. – V44KK
Secretary: Winston Hanley Esq – V44KAA.
Assistant Secretary:
Treasurer: Cedric Jeffers Esq. – V44KBJ
Emergency Operations Coordinator: Basil Woods Esq.- V44KBW
HQ Building Coordinator: David Brandy Esq. – V44KAQ
Technical Coordinator: Trevor Liburd Esq. – V44KAI
Training Coordinator: Erickson France Esq. – V44KK
Field Day – DX Coordinator: Trevor Seaton – V44KBT

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  1. OK means, it should be OK to just carry the German license document with me and the RIG in my luggage? That’ll be perfect! For all the above mentioned islands?

  2. Dear OM,

    I’m about to plan a short vacation with my son (15) on St. Maarten, Saba and possibly St. Kitts for a bit more than 2 weeks. I accidently found this page and I would like to ask here whether I can bring my Yaesu SW-Transceiver to St. Kitts. Will my German license be acknowledged (DF5KC)upon arrival or do I need to file an official application well before the journey?

    Kind regards and 73 Wolfgang

  3. Re. The official Name of the Ham Radio Society in St.Kitts is : THE ST.KITTS NEVIS ANGUILLA AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY: Abv. SKNAARS.

    Re. The Emergency (operation) Coordinator should be: The Emergency COMMUNICATION Coordinator

  4. I was just surfing the web for vacation site and found this web site. Many years ago (10??), I met a University of Massachusetts student from Nevis. he caught a ride to a HAM swap meet. I can’t remember his call sign. He was using a US N1??? call. My call is N1HQM and my co-worker’s is now WI1N. I thought I like to say “Hello”, if you know him. Thank You:
    Robert Kolakoski

  5. my nephew will soon be living in nevis and attending medical university of the americas..he is full of questions, ie, to buy a scooter or a car and whether to import it or buy a used vehicle
    locally. how to judge the best living quarters from a university furnished list. all help will be much appreciated. thanks, jerry N4ANY.


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