Nevis Receives Praise For Green Energy Initiative

The Well Head at Nevis 3

The Well Head at Nevis 3 Which Now Sits Idle

Charlestown, Nevis
July 19, 2012

Nevis’ Premier Joseph Parry and the Nevis Island Administration has been applauded by officials of the Bill Clinton Climate Change Initiative for the NIA’s thrust for a “Green Nevis”.

“I am very pleased that former US President Bill Clinton has set up a Foundation to assist small island states to become conscious of renewable energy”, said Premier Parry, adding, “I am even more pleased that the Foundation is willing to lend their expertise on development of the geothermal project which will assist Nevis to go green.”

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, the Hon. Carlisle Powell and Permanent Secretary Mr. Ernie Stapleton on Tuesday, joined Premier Parry and a visiting delegation from the Clinton Climate Change Initiative led by Councilor, Jan Hartke and Ambassador Paoli Zampolli at the Bath Hotel Conference Room to discuss the work already done by the NIA to move away from fossil to alternative energy on Nevis.

Councilor Hartke said he was extremely happy to see the commitment by the Government in actively pursuing geothermal energy on Nevis.

“We have been delighted to see how the Premier has taken the lead, and has mobilized the endeavor to bring geothermal to Nevis, and we will help the government with consultation in an effort to make alternative energy a reality on the island”, said Mr. Hartke.

According to Mr. Hartke, the Bill Clinton Climate Change Initiative is geared towards bringing down the enormous electricity rates in small island states through alternative resources, with the assistance of wind, solar or waste energy.

Minister Powell extended his gratitude to the delegation for visiting Nevis, and giving assistance to the island’s pursuit of clean energy.

“It is important to note that by just having the delegation on Nevis, would mean that we would be able to have one-on-one discussions with them. In addition, there are a number of exciting projects being put on the table, and we want residents to benefit from these projects for the long term,” Minister Powell said.

Following the meeting, the delegation of the Clinton Climate Change Initiative was taken on a tour of the WindWatt Wind Farm at Maddens, and the site of the geothermal well head, by Minister Powell.

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