Nevis Provides Hot Meals For Seniors

Garcia Hendrickson - Nevis Social Services

Garcia Hendrickson – Nevis Social Services

Charlestown, Nevis
October 9, 2015

Coordinator of the Seniors Division in the Ministry of Social Development on Nevis Garcia Hendrickson, said although the Division is committed to caring for the island’s elderly, the Hot Meals Program, one of several offered by the Division, can only be available for seniors who are in need.

Hendrickson, made the disclosure in a recent interview with the Department of Information. She acknowledged that all seniors could not be recipients because of the cost associated with the program. Therefore, there was a selection process to determine those who were most in need of the balanced hot meal.

She admitted that based on the Program’s function of supplying a basic human need, it continues to grow and so does the cost associated with running it.

Meantime, Hendrickson used the opportunity to urge the island’s Seniors to take advantage of all the programs the Department offers because the time will come when they would not be able to participate.

She further encouraged them to be thankful and to show appreciation for these courtesies extended to them.

Mrs. Hendrickson articulated that Nevisians who were 65 and older, should join with any of the recreational groups of Seniors established in each parish, geared towards improving the quality of their lives.

She used the opportunity to thank all those who continue to partner with the Division, whether on an individual, organizational or governmental level to care for the well being of the island’s seniors and expressed gratitude for their benevolence.

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