Nevis’ Private Sector Commended For Assistance In Education Campaign

Nevis Police At Career Fair - 2008

Nevis Police At Career Fair – 2008

Charlestown, Nevis
May 20, 2008

The private sector on Nevis was commended for its response to a call by the Human Resource Department, Premier’s Ministry in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) in effort to impact the community with it’s “Get Trained get Certified” campaign.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Mr. Chesley Manners told the Department of Information on May 17, 2008, following his Department’s annual Career Fair that the private sector had taken up the challenge and rallied behind the Department’s drive.
“We were very pleased with the response from the private sector. They came out in their numbers and they have come on board as we tried to promote the various careers. In all we had around 20 booths so the children had good exposure.
“I think with continued guidance they (children) can go into careers that would help them to grow professionally and of course make some money and also to fulfill their desire to serve mankind,” he said. 
Mr. Manners explained that the Fair’s main target group was students but it also facilitated persons who were considering a career change to promote self development and to pursue careers that would facilitate nation building.
“In order for development to be well balanced, we need to ensure that we show equal appreciation for all careers and also to encourage our youngsters to move into the different areas that would facilitate constructive nation building,” he said.

He said based on the feedback from the public, the comments were positive but their plans for the 2009 fair would put great emphasis on the number of students who participated.
“We are hoping in our planning for the next fair, that we can make certain adjustments so that we can indeed get the maximum number of students out so they can be sensitized to the need to pursue certain careers,” he said.
Mr. Manners said the 2008 Fair’s theme was important because there has been a need for certification because of the level of competition in the modern world. 
The Human resource Department Head explained that the need for continued systematic planning and training were necessary to ensure that the areas of greatest need on Nevis was addressed.
“Our assessment would indicate that we need teachers for Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Maths, Biology, Argicultural Science, Reading among others, nurses and health care providers in general, people trained in technical and vocational skills and policemen. We have great cooks in Nevis but how many certified chefs do we really have? How many architects do we have around who are in a position to meet the requirements of the funding agencies so that we end with the designs and general features that we really feel comfortable paying for and living with.
“We are living at a time when some of the professionals are experiencing great challenges. We appreciate that the word stress is used more often than the word money. However, through our collective endeavours, we can seek to eliminate some of the difficulties associated with the professions,” he said.
Mr. Manners noted that the Nevis Island Administration had seen it fit to make significant investments in the development of its Human Resource and so initiated a training programme with an annual budget in the region of EC$1.5million.
The programmes he explained addicted as many youngsters that could be accommodated to overseas training. He pointed to arrangements made with Trinidadian based Metal Industries Company Limited for 17 young adults who last week commenced a three-month training exercise in masonry, plumbing, electricity, carpentry, welding and auto mechanics.
Notwithstanding, he said progress could only be achieved and maintained through the development of people and the NIA pledged its continued commitment to the development of its Human Resource.
He expressed gratitude for the assistance of the Organization of American States (OAS), the Commonwealth Office, the Governments of Cubs, Taiwan and other friendly governments and organizations who had joined in the efforts to develop the people of Nevis.

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