Nevis Premier Visits North America

Charlestown, Nevis
August 14th, 2007
For Immediate Public Release

Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry led a delegation to Toronto, Canada on Friday, August 10th, and New York on Saturday, August 11th, 2007 in order to report on the accomplishments of the first year of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) in office.  Premier Parry was accompanied by the Hon. Hensley Daniel- Deputy Premier, Junior Minister – the Hon. Carlisle Powell and Advisor to the Premier Mr. Llewellyn Parris.

The Hon. Joseph Parry opened both meetings in Toronto and New York with a moment of silence in honour of former teacher and headmistress Mrs. Rosalie Andre, who passed away on Tuesday 7th August, 2007. “Mrs. Andre was a very good friend of mine, we have had our fallouts but we have always gotten back together and maintained a great amount of mutual respect for each another”, said Mr. Parry. He went on to say, “While at Gingerland High School, Mrs. André was a headmistress who was extremely instrumental in the growth and development of that high school during her tenure there.”     

Mr. Parry said this trip to North America will take place at least once a year so that Nevisian Nationals and friends of Nevis living abroad can be abreast of the happenings of the government and the island of Nevis. Premier Parry’s report was accompanied by a collective, well organised power point presentation that contained text and pictures of the undertakings of the NRP led Nevis Island Administration over the past year.

During Mr. Parry’s report on his governments developments in education, Mr Parry said,” We have assisted 66 students to continue tertiary education. It is our wish to have every household in Nevis to have at least one university graduate. Education of its people would enhance the Island of Nevis socially and economically.”

Mr. Parry talked about the crime situation in Nevis stating that the gang activity in Nevis need to be combated immediately. “ The young men of Low Street are fighting fellow Nevisians in New Castle and Brown Hill and vice versa. I want the island of Nevis to be rid of the gang activity and I want the police and parents to assist this situation.”   In discussing policing and taxes in Nevis, Mr. Parry says that he believes Nevis should have more control on these matters. “My plan is to simply gain a two- thirds majority in the Federal House of Assembly. The Nevis Island Assembly is presently in negotiations with the Federal Government to pass on the legislation on taxes and the Police Force to the Nevis Island Assembly later this year.”

After Premier Parry spoke, Deputy Premier the Hon. Hensley Daniel spoke. Minister Daniel who has a background in Social work stressed on Health Care, Education and Social Transformation. “Single mothers are among one of the main groups who are living in poverty and I along with the assistance of my government will work on rectifying this situation. One way that we (the NRP led Nevis Island Administration) have chosen to lessen this problem is by giving teenage mothers the opportunity to go back to school and continuing their education. My administration has also made the education process easier with the homework assistance program where children can receive tutoring at the local Community Centres at no cost.”

On health, Mr Daniel discussed prevention of diseases such as diabetes, and he strongly believes that high pretension and cancer can be controlled in many cases with diet and exercise.

Mr. Daniel also talked about the welcoming of Cuban doctors to Nevis, who will be visiting the island shortly to assist with eye care and other areas of health. “Cuban doctors will perform surgeries at no cost to Nevisians; this will in turn enable Nevisians to live with adequate health care services.”

Senior Citizens have played a major roll of this administration as persons in Nevis are privy to viewing elderly persons of 80 and older celebrating birthdays on television with members of the NIA cabinet. “The elderly in Nevis should be celebrated, for they have contributed a lot of their life to Nevis. We are grateful for their contributions and we want everyone to know who they are so we put them on television to show we care. My government has also utilised the various community centres on the island to give the elderly something to do in the day time such as arts and crafts, dominoes, and day trips.”

At both meetings the Hon Carlisle Powell gave an account of Phase III of the island main road between Market shop and the St. James Anglican church and said that it is schedule to be finished by the end of the year. “Besides widening the roads, side walks are being put in place next to the school areas to ensure safety of the children.”

Mr. Powell then used a power point presentation to outline the water situation in Nevis. There were three pictures in the presentation that revealed leaking tanks from the bottom. “We have inherited several reservoirs that are leaking. These reservoirs are made of fibreglass which are outdated and becoming worn. We are going to invest in a more modern model of tank which can expand and hold excess water ”

In discussing electricity for Nevis, Minister Powell said plans are in place to generate electricity in Nevis through the use of Geo-thermal technology. Once Nevis receives the Geo-thermal energy facilitated, Nevis will be able to meet their own needs and will be in a position to sell electricity to neighbouring islands by running cables on the ocean floor. “This will not only generate revenue for Nevis, but this will also allow residents in Nevis to receive substantially lower Electricity rates.”

The meetings also included a question and answer period where one gentleman got up and stated that it is not right that teenage girls go back to school! Immediately, a lady got up to say,” If a young girl is not able to go to school, then the boy should not go to school also!” Minister Daniel interjected stating that the Nevis Island Administration has worked out a program headed by two Nevisians living in St.Kitts. “The program is doing well in St.Kitts and I can see it doing well in Nevis. We have to end the cycle where in some cases mother and daughter are all teenage mothers. ”

Questions were asked about the Christina Disaster Fund.  Premier Parry informed all with interest in that area to call Ms. Angelica Elliott at 869 469 5521 for more details.

The Toronto meeting had over 90 persons in attendance while New York had over 65 persons. The two meetings were appraised by the participants for being very informative.  Most of them said they were impressed with the standard of the power point presentation that added to the minister’s discussions.

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