Nevis Premier Visits Great Britain

The Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry, visited London from Nov. 4th to Nov. 10th where he attend the World Travel Market, and also made several stops in Leeds and Bedford for Town Hall meetings with Nevisian Nationals and met with potential investors.

While at the World Travel Market the Premier along with Helen Kidd and Julie Claxton, from the Nevis Tourist Authority met and informed numerous attendees with an interest in visiting our beautiful and tranquil island. At the World Travel Market, Nevis received generous coverage via the media as Mr. Parry and Ms. Kidd were interviewed by BBC where their programmes are aired on 12 radio shows across England and Scotland.

In an effort to enhance Nevis air schedules for easier access to the island, the Premier met with Caribbean Star Airline representatives in order to increase flights.

“The meeting with Caribbean Star went extremely well and I anticipate great service for travelers entering and leaving the island,” said Mr. Parry.

Leeds and Bedford welcomed Premier Parry as he met with Nationals and friends of the Federation for updates and a way forward for Nevis. The meetings were extremely successful as participants made observations and asked questions about our “Caribbean Paradise”.

The Premier also met with investors in London whom he was introduced to by Mr. John Bowers, a visitor to Nevis on numerous occasions where he recognizes great investment potential.

“The investors are extremely interested in constructing upscale properties in Nevis.  At the meeting all agreed that the island of Nevis has so much to offer as a “˜High-end Tourist Destination’ that it would be very lucrative to obtain luxurious accommodations on the Queen of the Caribbean” said Premier Parry.

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