Nevis Premier Stands By Ousted Hensley Daniel

Ousted Deputy Premier - Hensley Daniel

Ousted Deputy Premier – Hensley Daniel

Charlestown, Nevis
September 03, 2012

Nevis’ Premier Parry has thrown his weight solidly behind his ousted “action minister” Mr. Hensley Daniel, and has asked Nevisians to do the same.

Extolling the virtues of the man who served as his Deputy Premier since July 2006, on his “In Touch with the Premier” program, the Premier said,  “Mr. Daniel has demonstrated that he is a man of caliber, and he is a man who delivers and works for the people, and I am saying that I need him, I need him in government, and I am asking you to put your support behind him.”

“If we are going to do the Urological Center (Alexandra Hospital), you will vote for him. If we are going to have the Cosmetology Center (New River), he was the man leading the charge for me – you are going to vote for him. That Centre will bring some 100 jobs to this country”, the Premier stated emphatically.

The Premier was speaking one day after Daniel tendered his resignation as a minister of government, in the wake of the Appeal Court decision in the Election Petition Case which deemed the July 11, 2011 elections in St. John’s, null and void. Parry said Daniel acted before the constitutional time frame elapsed, that would have seen him lose the seat automatically.

“Mr. Daniel did the right thing after the Court decision”, said Premier Parry. “Mr. Daniel resigned as a minister of government, even before the court decision had been implemented. It is only implemented once it goes to the Governor General. That has not yet happened, and it has to be delivered to the Speaker of the House, or the President of the House in the case of Nevis.  As far as I know that was not yet done.”

Mr. Daniel held portfolios in Health, Gender Affairs, Social Development, Youth and Sports, Community Affairs, Trade and Industry, Licensing Unit and Culture in Nevis Island Administration prior to his resignation. These portfolios have since been transferred to the Premier.

“Mr. Daniel is needed in government, and we need for you to put him back there. It cannot be done in a week, it will not be done in a month, but I expect you to do it,” the Premier said.

Premier Parry reminded his listeners that both the Lower Court and the Appeal Court had not found Mr. Daniel’s character in question.

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