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Winair Service From St. Barths To Nevis

April 06, 2009

Residents of Nevis are urged to utilize the Nevis-St. Maarten Winair route in order to keep the airline active in Nevis. The call came from Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry, during a press briefing at the Bath Hotel conference room, Monday morning.

The Premier was joined at the briefing by Advisor to Tourism, Mr. Alistair Yearwood and Nevis Tourism Authority officer, Ms. Julie Claxton.

“Nevis has been doubly impacted, one by the global financial crisis and two by the closing of the Four Seasons Resort. This has affected the Winair service out of Nevis,” the Premier said.

Mr. Parry noted that in early March a sharp notice was received by the Nevis Island Administration from Winair that the airline would cease operations from the end of the month. In order to continue the service, therefore, Mr. Yearwood and Ms. Claxton immediately embarked on strong negotiations with Winair.

Through these negotiations, an understanding was reached by all parties and the airline opted to continue its service to the island of Nevis.  As of March 31st, 2009, the airline offers one flight a day with a cost of US$110 for persons over 12 years and US$75 for persons below 12 years of age, one way.

According to Mr. Parry, the cost of the airline tickets was set with the understanding that the fuel costs would be under $80 a barrel or lower; and once the costs rise above $80, then, it is quite likely that the price of the tickets would increase.

During the briefing, Premier Parry also made mention of the absence of the American Eagle service from Nevis during the months of May to October, 2009. He indicated, however, that the Nevisian people are looking forward to the upcoming tourist season; hopefully with the reopening of the Four Seasons Resort, and seeing American Eagle return to Nevis.

“We also hope to see more Nevisians travelling to St. Maarten via Winair; which will demonstrate local support for the position taken by the government’s intervention into the Winair matter,” concluded Premier Parry.

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