Nevis Premier Rings In The Christmas season

Nevis Premier At Tree Lighting Ceremony

Nevis Premier At Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Charlestown, Nevis
December 10, 2008

A tree lighting ceremony under the patronage of Ms. Myrna Webbe at the Memorial Square in Charlestown on December 8, set the tone for the Christmas season in Nevis but Premier of Nevis Hon. Joseph Parry also used the occasion to remind the public that they should not lose sight of the togetherness, peace and tranquility which existed in the past on Nevis.

“We are a peaceful and peace loving people and we need to demonstrate this to all our people. I want to say to all of us who are older we need to reach out to the young ones. We need to mentor them, we need to work with them [and] we need to tell them about Nevis and how the people of Nevis lived.

“All of this quickness of temper and an anxiety to get into confrontation needs to stop. We need to become more tolerant, more friendly and we need to reach out more towards each other,” he urged.

Mr. Parry referred to the progress the island had made and underscored the need for peace if the island was to continue to enjoy prosperity.

He urged the public to demonstrate peacefulness which would in turn bring prosperity, good will and a greater number of visitors to the island which was necessary to bring Nevis forward.

Meantime, Mr. Parry praised Ms. Webbe for her contribution to nursing and referred to her as a shining example to a shining example in the community and at the Alexandra Hospital where she had served for many years.

He said she has worked her way up to Assistant Matron and had done an exceedingly very good job.

“I am sure there must be many, many persons in this island of Nevis who have been grateful for the services that she has rendered at the Hospital,” he said.

The Premier also commended Mr. Ken Evelyn for his hard work in the community and referred to him as a very good and hard working citizen who was an example for the young people of Nevis.

Mr. Parry extended Christmas cheer on behalf of the Government of Nevis and his wife and family to the people of Nevis.

“I wish you a happy Christmas, a Christmas of goodwill, of good friends of family and of Christ in our lives and let us look forward to the New Year 2009,” he said.

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