Nevis Premier Reports On Four Seasons Resort Being Closed

Nevis Premier - Joseph Parry

Nevis Premier – Joseph Parry

Charlestown, Nevis
April 07, 2010

Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry made a brief report on the developments ensuing from the negotiations to reopen the Four Seasons Resort Nevis.  He made the statements on his call in radio program, In touch with the Premier, which is hosted on Choice 105.3 FM and ZIZ every Tuesday from 11:15am-12:15pm.

In his report he intimated that there are more factors at play now, than when the Hotel closed in 2009. “The virtual failure of the banking systems worldwide and the severe recession that has resulted, have created a situation in which it is very difficult for willing buyers to secure financing for the purchase of the hotel.  He did say however, that the Nevis Island Administration is making every effort to ensure that a deal is completed so that Nevisians can return to work.”

Premier Parry said,  “When over seven hundred people are suddenly made jobless by one employer in a population of twelve thousand, that action will certainly have an impact on the country””not just Nevis. It will have a profound effect on the Treasury in terms of import duties, it will affect the economy because of people’s inability to spend and of course it will affect the number of tourists coming into the island who would normally patronize the various restaurants and clubs on the island”.

The Premier has assured Nevisians that the Four Seasons Resort remains committed to operating on Nevis and continues to work with the Government to maintain the high level tourism brand that both guests and workers have grown accustomed to.

He appealed to the people who were spreading rumours about the opening of the hotel, to cease and desist with that type of behavior because, as he pointed out, “those kinds of rumours only serve to distress people who are already hurting, who are jobless and waiting for a break. Whatever ends persons spreading the rumours hoped to achieve, are counterproductive for the country!”

The Premier  reminisced briefly about the first opening of the hotel in 1991 under the then NRP Government, stating that the current near crisis brought back vivid memories of the tense moments he had as Minister of Tourism, working with the general manager of the resort to meet the opening deadlines.

“I say all this to dispel any doubts that this is my first experience with negotiation and dealing with difficult situations in tourism.  The Government is very involved in representing the interest of Nevisians and right now there is only one conclusion”¦ the hotel will need to be re-opened as soon as possible and my administration will continue to work eagerly in an effort to make this happen,” said Mr. Parry.

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