Nevis Premier Outlines A Vision For Growth

Charlestown, Nevis
January 25, 2008

Nevis Premier, the Hon. Joseph Parry delivered the Keynote address at the ninth annual luncheon of the Hearts and Hands for Nevis Inc. in New York on Sunday, January 20th at the elegant Crowne Plaza Hotel in Queens, New York.

Premier Parry began his speech by acknowledging the recent death of 18 year old Miss Valencia Robins of Jessups village. “On Friday evening I learnt of the sad death of Miss Robins, daughter of Claire Robins and Vaughn Anslyn and the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Doras and Mr.  and Mrs. Arthur Anslyn. On behalf of the people of Nevis, I extend our heart felt condolences.”

Mr. Parry was invited by the non-profitable Nevisian organization to speak on the topic, “The Vision for Nevis”.

During his keynote address, Mr. Parry discussed establishing Nevis as a top Tourism destination in the Caribbean. “Niche Tourism has worked well in Nevis. We shall consolidate by establishing Nevis as the number one tourism destination in the Caribbean. Along with the Four Seasons Brand we shall establish another hotel with a reputation even more regarded than the Four Seasons. This will consolidate a position already recognized in the United States of America and would attract the more high-end players in the industry.”

Premier Parry also discussed taking the Financial Services Industry in Nevis to an entire new level.  The Premier seeks to accomplish this by attracting a bank that will provide the upscale services that will lead to more complete transactions that would attract more reputable service providers to Nevis.

On the issue of infrastructure, Premier Parry talked about the Nevis Reformation Party’s led Nevis Island Administration improved road system and the administrations discovery of new sources of water.

“We are hoping to identify another two million gallons of water per day this year, to add to the 1.4 million per day that is now available. In addition to that we are commencing the drilling phase of the on-going geo-thermal research for geo-thermal energy on Nevis. Success of the geo-thermal drilling would mean the following: the availability of cheap energy and the reduction of prices in the business sector; the probability of cascading industries and the sale of energy to St.Kitts and other regional islands.”

After the well received speech Mr. Parry was given a thunderous applause.

Premier Parry was then bestowed the very distinguished Proclamation Award from New York City Council member, Hon. Kendall Stewart, who read the entire certificate distinctly to the crowd of about 300 guests present at the luncheon.

While lunch was being served, the entertainment was at its best as the students of the Charlestown Secondary School who flew all the way from Nevis for this occasion, performed an outstandingl dance celebrating Nevisian culture. An outstanding poem was performed by Stocky Stapleton and Nevisian calypsonian King Dis and Dat performed very well, but it was King Meeko who had the crowd singing along and dancing with the Nevis flag in hand to his classic hit “Nevis Nice”.

All in all the afternoon was delightful and a well deserved thank you must be given to the entire Hearts and Hands of Nevis Committee

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