Nevis Premier Continues Work On Crime Prevention

Charlestown, Nevis
June 01, 2010

The Hon. Joseph Parry’s efforts to bridge the gap on crime prevention continued through a recent Symposium on Crime hosted by his Ministry at the Pinney’s Beach Hotel.

Held under the theme “Reclaiming our society”, the Premier reiterated the role of parents and guardians with regard to the upbringing of their children and said all should play their part to bring together a well organized society free of crime and violence.

“We have people who are here from the church, the schools and from the various communities on the island.  We expect that at the end of this seminar one would return to the community with one vision and one voice. Knowing exactly what is expected of each of us”¦This symposium is a symposium with a difference. This meeting on crime is not a symposium about theory or even a seminar about finding out what the problems are.  I ask that teachers, parents and mentors strive to talk to the children, spend quality time with them and develop  constructive, holistic and multi-sector approaches to anti- social behaviors,” commented Premier Parry.

According to the Premier, the Leader of the Opposition was invited, with the intention to demonstrate to the community that there is no division or difference in the government’s efforts to eradicate crime and anti-social behavior from the society.

“No one must be able to take advantage, no one must be able to point a figure, one must be able to see that we all, no matter what differences we may have, we all must move in the same direction,” Mr. Parry stated.

During the seminar, the Premier congratulated the Police for the work they have done to fight crime over the years and said his Administration would continue to support their efforts.

Mr. Parry said his Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) led Administration had given considerable support to the Police and he noted that the assistance was making a difference.

In the Premier’s speech he stressed the importance of Community Policing.  He said it is one of the best ways to join with the community, to win the community’s friendship and place the Police Force in a position where it could garner information easily.

“There is a loss of confidence and I expect that the efforts that the police have undertaken will win back that confidence of the public.”

He also urged the Police to know the young people and reach out to the community, so that they would be able to work in harmony with the community.

The Premier reminisced, that as a small boy the Police was part of the society and he saw no reason why that relationship should change.

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