Nevis Premier Addresses Drinking Water Quality Issues

Nevis Premier - Joseph Parry

Nevis Premier – Joseph Parry

Charlestown, Nevis
January 31, 2011

Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry was a guest of Freedom Radio in St. Kitts via telephone on Friday afternoon and spoke on the water contamination propaganda started by the Opposition of Nevis, the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM).

Mr. Clement ‘Junie’ Liburd host of the program welcomed the Premier to respond to an earlier interview by the Hon. Mark Brantley.

The Premier noted that he wanted to address the water contamination matter.

“Strangely enough a text message was circulated and sent by the Hon. Mark Brantley.  In addition, first thing Monday morning a letter on a CCM letterhead was sent by the Hon. Vance Amory, leader of the Opposition,” said the Premier.

The Hon. Joseph Parry said it was not a private letter and then he proceeded to read the letter by the Hon. Vance Amory to listeners of the program.

“Now, which part of this letter could be private? The letter comes from the Opposition Leader to the Premier of Nevis, the matter of the danger to the health of the people of Nevis cannot be private between Mr. Amory and myself,” commented the Premier.

Mr. Parry said the letter referred to a “cover up” and a statement of “a secrecy which shrouds this important matter.”

The Hon. Joseph Parry said the letter and the text message that was circulated had similar words. “One could see a direct correlation”. He also noted that at a CCM meeting in the Cherry Gardens area CCM members said that the water was contaminated to a point where a family had trouble with their children falling asleep because they thought they would die.

The Premier then read his response to the Hon. Vance Amory which said,” I thank you for your letter and I see that there is a text message in circulation which refers to a report that the government is involved in a cover up.

“In the best interest of the people of Nevis, I seek your cooperation in providing your source of action and the report you are referring to, such action would assist the course of action that needs to be taken on behalf of the people of Nevis,” read the Premier.

Mr. Parry said since he responded to the Hon. Vance Amory he had not received anything including the report on water that the Hon. Vance Amory said he had.

“The only thing I have heard from Mr. Amory is that he sent me a private letter and I put it out to the public.  Well let me say that the Minister of Communications and Works, Hon. Powell addressed the matter with my support because:

1. If the matter was not pursued any further people would lose confidence in the water supply.

2. In the heart of the Tourism season we could not afford for people to become uncertain about the water.

3. That the Opposition had raised the issue last week Saturday and strangely following the meeting, a text message was circulated.

Mr. Parry said this “water contamination” matter would not be laid to rest until every stone was turned.

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